The Courtyard at Bonnie Stuart

The Courtyard at Bonnie Stuart
141 Whitney Place, Kitchener, ON, ca

An intimate space where anything can happen!

Currently under development and renovation, The Courtyard @ the repurposed Bonnie Stuart Shoe Factory is home to myriad artists, performing arts organizations and design oriented businesses.


  • on-site parking
  • several rentable multipurpose studios at affordable and scalable rates
  • located near downtown Kitchener

A New Rehearsal Space in 2012 (Possibilities)

MT Space has moved rehearsal spaces (just a few metres) to:

The Courtyard at Bonnie Stuart (our rehearsal space was where the caterers are now! We've moved our offices into the large studio at the back of the building!)

Welcome to the News/Old Bonnie Stuart Shoe Factory

Currently under development and renovation, The Courtyard at the repurposed Bonnie Stuart Shoe Factory space has been designed to be a hub for performing arts groups, and design oriented businesses, featuring:

  • Rentable Studio Spaces (Various sizes) some with dedicated access
  • Office/Administration Space
  • Gallery Space Surrounding the Courtyard
  • A 1600 Ft2 Multi-configuration rehearsal and performance venue
  • Boardroom with Skylights
  • Shared Lounge Areas
  • Dedicated entrance to the Bonnie Stuart Building complete with area for reception / ticket sales
  • Café / Catering facility
  • Extensive storage

A Production Hub for Performing Arts in the Grand River Watershed

Located near the downtown, The Bonnie Stuart Building is home to various artists and performing arts organizations.

Featuring on-site parking, customized access, lush gardens, and rental packages suited to your needs, this newly re-developed facility will be the ideal place to hold your next performance, workshop, gallery viewing, or event.

Bonnie Stuart Courtyard - The Plan

A 1600 ft2 space for performing arts workshops, cinema clubs, dance groups, musical organizations, readings, lectures, and events.

Featuring a flexible design, the space offers operable partitions to open up or close off the space, skylights that cani be blacked out for performances, sprung dance floor and tiered seating flats. Complete with sound system, lighting and rearrange able seating, the space is an ideal and intimate venue for any group.

For lectures and events the space offers projection screens, projector, sound system and seating for up to 90 guests.

Complete with on site café & kitchenette the space can be used for catered events, dinner theater and coffee house readings.

Acquiring an ‘Address’ Around the Courtyard

We are now offering tours for customized rental spaces off the main courtyard, available in varying sizes and levels of access.

Walls surrounding the courtyard can be used as a gallery to present artwork, provide interaction and community capacity.

For Tours & Rental Inquiries