International Shows

Copper Promises: Hinemihi Haka — Victoria Hunt, Australia
Bin Bin (In Between) — Nous Jouons pour les Arts, Morocco
Camp — National Theatre Company, Iraq CANCELLED

National Shows

Chess with the Doomsday Machine — Onelight Theatre, Halifax
The Honouring — Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, Toronto
Return Home — Return Home Collective & Salish Sea Productions in association with MT Space and Urban Ink Productions, Vancouver
Frost Exploding Trees Moon / Northern Journey / Spine of the Mother — Raven Spirit Dance, Vancouver
Landline — Secret Theatre, Halifax
The Second Life — Tottering Biped Theatre, Burlington
Paradise — MT Space and Gwaandak Theatre, Kitchener and Whitehorse

Local Shows

My Name is Dakhel Faraj — KW Arab-Canadian Theatre, Kitchener
Asphalt Jungle Shorts XII — Flush Ink Productions, Kitchener

Works in Progress

The Art of Getting Married — Art of Marriage Collective, Kitchener
Blue Bird — Blue Bird Theatre Collective, Toronto

Industry Conference & More

SmartStage: Technology, Social Media, & the Revolution
Stage&Story Market — New This Year!
Youth Conference — KW Youth Theatre
Emerging Artist — Let’s Talk About, Ontario School of Devised and Physical Theatre, Toronto
Tomson Highway — presented in partnership with University of Waterloo History and Silver Birch Projects
Picadillo — presented by Neruda Arts


Venues will include the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts, the Registry Theatre, THEMUSEUM, Victoria Park, The Boathouse, the streets of Kitchener, and more!


Copper Promises: Hinemihi Haka, Victoria Hunt, Australia
Tuesday, September 22 | 8 pm
Wednesday, September 23 | 7 pm
Conrad Centre for Performing Arts

Copper Promises is a solo dance by Victoria Hunt exploring the cultural and physical journey of Hinemihi: a female ancestor and a ceremonial space connected with Hunt’s Maori cultural heritage. Hinemihi’s story is interwoven with Hunt’s own journey: of finding family, of reconnecting with her culture and of learning from land, ancestors and peers.

A collaboration with Hunt’s extended family and her creative team, Copper Promises creates distinctive movement and imagery, merging feeling and gesture as they echo across landscape and through time. They create a world of rupture and foreboding, resilience and joy. Copper Promises is a lament and a protest for ancestral treasures – Taonga.

Bin Bin (In Between), Nous Jouons Pour Les Arts, Morocco
Saturday, September 26 | 9 pm
Sunday, September 27 | 5 pm

The scenes in this cabaret-play share one subject—’meeting’.

Characters find themselves in confusing situations and every minute is extremely risky.

At the beginning, the characters meet, and then their cultures clash, two different attitudes create a dramatic situation;  prejudice, and not knowing the other create challenging and dramatic theatrical situation that can be playful and funny. But what if the characters knew about the absurdity of their situation? Would it end the prejudice? The meeting starts by exchanging smiles but it really becomes true when all prejudices collapse.

It is difficult to tell what the artistic form of Bin Bin is—a mix-up of multiple forms that creates a musical celebration—everyone is invited to get to know ‘the other’.

Camp, National Theatre Company, Iraq
Saturday, September 26 | 5 pm - CANCELLED, REPLACED WITH FORUM
Sunday, September 27 | 7 pm - CANCELLED
The Registry Theatre

Please note: Camp has been cancelled due to the denial of visas. Despite the cancellation, we are determined to bring the cast to Canada - digitally. In place of the Camp performance at 5 pm on Saturday, September 26 at The Registry Theatre, we will stage a reading of an excerpt from the play, and invite the audience to interact with the Iraqi artists via video conferencing and text message. This will be a free event. If you plan to attend, please join the Facebook event.

Original description of Camp: She wants to escape the authority of her father, brother and husband. He is a museum worker accused of being a thief after retaining artifacts in his home to keep the heritage of his country away from his occupiers. The two meet by accident in front of a United Nations office after leaving Iraq. They are both seeking refuge. Each wants to get as far away as possible from outrageous violence, pain, and death that has taken over their country. Unknown to one another, they share the same destiny of hunger, fear, oppression, and unrealized dreams.


Chess with the Doomsday Machine, Onelight Theatre, Halifax
Thursday, September 24 | 5 pm
Friday, Septemeber 25 | 9 pm
The Registry Theatre

Imagine that your hometown is attacked by an enemy army; how would this change the city and the people who live there? Chess with the Doomsday Machine is an intimate, entrancing play that examines the challenges faced by a young soldier as he balances his duty to defend his hometown in Iran with the need to protect a band of misfits who have stayed in the city.

Developed as an international co-production with artists in Iran and Canada, Chess with the Doomsday Machine, is an original adaptation of Iranian author Habib Ahmadzadeh’s novel of the same name.

“a beautiful, lyrical journey … intimate, disturbing and deeply affecting” - Halifax Chronicle Herald

The Honouring, Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, Toronto
Friday, September 25 | 7 pm
Saturday, September 26 | 7 pm
St. Paul's University Green at University of Waterloo

“A heartfelt journey through war, death and grief, but always with dignified ceremony.” – Paula Citron, Globe & Mail, 2013

The Honouring is a site-specific multi-disciplinary performance honouring First Nations warriors of the War of 1812 and features Onkwehonwe families who sacrificed to protect Haudenosaunee sovereignty, culture and land. Audiences will be immersed in a history that is rarely experienced anywhere else and will have the opportunity to understand the complexity of the War of 1812 through the experiential lens of First Nations, offering a human face to our history. All First Nations took part in the War of 1812 as sovereign Nation allies to Britain.
The Honouring pays homage to their personal sacrifices and belief in what was the best for their family, community and future generations.

Return Home, Return Home Collective & Salish Sea Productions in association with MT Space and Urban Ink Productions, Vancouver
Saturday, September 26 | 1 pm
Sunday, September 27 | 4 pm
Conrad Centre for Performing Arts - Blair Hall

“Two women, indigenous to two very different places.”

Return Home is about two women - Anishnaabe and Palestinian. Drawing on theiir own historical narratives of colonization and occupation, the two struggle to define their hybrid identities in relationship to the land, exile and love.

Frost Exploding Trees Moon / Northern Journey / Spine of the Mother
Raven Spirit Dance, Vancouver
Saturday, September 26 | 5 pm
Sunday, September 27 | 7 pm
Conrad Centre for Performing Arts - Blair Hall

Frost Exploding Trees Moon is a solo piece which follows the journey of a woman traveling her trap line. She finds a place to set up camp, builds her temporary home, and settles into the centre of her world of breath and perception.

This piece is a movement score derived from the body positions and attitudes of Indigenous hunting cultures of the northern forests. The movement is close to the ground and does not impose upon the environment but rather seeks to disappear into the forests so to blend into the natural environment.

Northern Journey is a contemporary dance performance inspired by the land we carry inside of us. This internal landscape carves out the pathways that lead to our animal instinct and lead us to images that hold our human experience.

Choreographer’s Statement: “I have been carrying this material for over ten years and it has never felt like the stone that has been thrown into the water and settled on the riverbed. I keep on turning the stone around in my hand, not ready to let it go. There is some mystery, some haunting still that this piece has for me. I also feel that the piece has been waiting for me…waiting for me to grow up…waiting for me to attune more to my instincts and intuitions…waiting for me to widen my field of perception. And now it is ready to be done, ready to have its ghosts released that are trapped inside.”

Spine of the Mother (excerpt) is an innovative collaboration between Indigenous artists in Canada and Peru. Tracing the inner terrain of our bodies as women through breath, impulse and memory unlocks kinetic energy creating a ritual which spans the spine of the mountain range we have shared for millennia.  Spine of the Mother will premiere in November 2015 at the Scotiabank Dance Centre in Vancouver.

Landline: Kitchener to Vancouver, xosecret, Halifax
Wednesday, September 23 | 9 pm
Thursday, September 24 | 9pm
Friday, September 25 | 9 pm
Saturday, September 26 | 2 pm & 4 pm
Sunday, Septemeber 27 | 2 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm & 9 pm
Downtown Kitchener

Using smartphones, the audience is invited to play the dual role of voyeur and accomplice in an audio-guided, experiential tour of the city. Each audience member is partnered through text messaging with a fellow participant in a distant city.  As the experience unfolds, individuals are prompted simultaneously to share stories, memories, and secrets. 

There are also moments in which they act out choreography they imagine doing together.

The project largely takes place outside in the city using the urban landscape as backdrop for the relationship forming between two strangers.  LANDLINE offers participants a curious exposure to the feeling of being alone together.

Landline was first presented between Vancouver and Halifax in the fall of 2013.  It has also presented in Dartmouth, Ottawa, and most recently the Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff, Wales.

The Second Life, Tottering Biped Theatre, Burlington
Thursday, September 24 | 7 pm 
Friday, September 25 | 5 pm

“Second Life is a must see drama that explores a dark and disturbing world of cyberspace.” - Gary Smith, The Hamilton Spectator

While searching for her lost sister, Jessica struggles to find out what,  and who,  are real. Life and its double are at stake in this multi-media exploration of loss in the digital age.

The Second Life aims to explore loss and mental health through the lens of digital culture. It explores the increasingly fluid relationship between the real, the digital, and the spiritual. Moments in the piece borrow from each state of being to increasingly draw attention to the lack of distinction between them. This breakdown of distinction reflects the next generation’s experience of day to day life, where digitalization allows for projections of inner states as a running feature of the natural world.

Exploring the world of Second Life (an actual online digital world which boasted over 100,000 users at one point occupying a world without linear ‘quests’ – simply avatars engaging in an alternate ‘life’) provides an artistic access to address and suggest perspectives around the emerging world view.

Paradise, MT Space and Gwaandak Theatre, Kitchener and Whitehorse

Saturday, September 26 | 7 pm
Sunday, September 27 | 2 pm

Tuesday, September 29 | 8 pm
Wednesday, September 30 | 8 pm
Thursday, October 1 | 8 pm
Friday, October 2 | 8 pm
Saturday, October 3 | 8 pm
Sunday, October 4 | 2pm
Conrad Centre for Performing Arts

An unemployed logger, a teenager accused of terrorism, a family doctor and his young daughter, are searching for their humanity inside the systems that cage us all. This play explores human rights, mental illness and addictions, and our own personal complicity. A poetic, complex, challenging work, Paradise is a beautiful marriage of the text and imagery of Patti Flather with the distinct physical style of MT Space. This latest piece directed by Majdi Bou-Matar premiered at the Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse in March 2015.



My Name is Dakhel Faraj, KW Arab-Canadian Theatre, Kitchener
Tuesday, September 22 | 9:30 pm
Wednesday, Septemeber 23 | 9 pm
The Registry Theatre

“Inspired by works of social conscience such as My Name is Rachel Corrie, to which the title is an homage…”

My Name Is Dakhel Faraj is a theatre play that tells the life story of Dakhel Faraj, an artist from Iraq who was forced to flee his homeland after two of his children (Ehab 16 and Karam 8) were killed by American soldiers and his legs were shot. Dakhel is now on disability in Kitchener. Three actors in three languages will play Dakhel: English, American Sign Language and Dakhel will play himself in Arabic.

Asphalt Jungle Shorts XII, Flush Ink Productions, Kitchener

Thursday, September 17 | 8 pm
Friday, September 18 | 8 pm
Saturday, September 19 | 8 pm

Thursday, September 24 | 8 pm
Friday, September 25 | 8 pm
Saturday, September 26 | 8 pm
Sunday, September 27 | 8 pm

Art District Gallery at Kitchener Farmer's Market

“Theatre that blurs the lines — between fantasy and reality, play and audience, stage and city”

Come on an excellent adventure in Kitchener as you are led through and around the downtown to discover a street-smorgasbord of original short theatre.


The Art of Getting Married, Pam Patel, Kitchener
Wednesday, September 23 | 5 pm
Thursday, September 24 | 7 pm
Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts - Blair Hall

Pam Patel contemplates life, love, and passion in this original work. As she feels the pressure mounting from society and her family to settle down and tie the knot, Pam contemplates the pros and cons of getting married, and what it means to bring an “outsider” into the family.

Sharing personal experiences and contrasting opinions, Pam pulls the audience into her dilemma of falling in and out of love, and wanting marriage while remaining committed to her culture and family.

The Art of Getting Married poses the question: When you walk down the aisle, can you leave your culture behind?

Blue Bird, Blue Bird Theatre Collective, Toronto
Friday, September 25 | 5 pm
Saturday, September 26 | 9 pm
Conrad Centre for Performing Arts - Blair Hall

“… a fable is formulated, destined to be passed on to other generations to incite change…”

A father is riddled with guilt over the accidental death of his best friend. Twenty-five years later, upon his death, he sends his only son to Ghana to right his wrong and find the son of his late best friend. Through the collective effort of the characters both living (the sons) and spiritual (the fathers), a fable is formulated, destined to be passed on to other generations to incite change: the fable of the Blue Bird.


SmartStage: Technology, Social Media, & the Revolution
September 24-26 | Multiple Locations

How can social media empower voices to be heard that otherwise would be ignored by the rest of the world, and how do we in Canada hear these voices and respond to the faces of global events? How do we use smart technologies to make our stages smarter? How can our smart stages become a revolution?

The conference will discuss the effects of technology and social media on performance practices in light of recent political movements and current global events.

Stage&Story Market

Saturday, September 26 (8 am - 3 pm) | Kitchener Farmer's Market
Sunday, September 27 (1 am - 7 pm) | Art District Gallery

This year, MT Space will launch IMPACT’s first ever Stage&Story Market, a free, outdoor, all-ages event in downtown Kitchener. Modeled after traditional outdoor farmers’ and flea markets, the Stage&Story Market will create a space where the vendors are artists and the goods that are shared and exchanged are stories brought forward by the community. Everyone will be invited to share stories and interact with artists from all disciplines.

Bring your story, poem, guitar, hand puppet, anything! and exchange it for another equally valuable story from a different culture or perspective.

Youth Conference

KW Youth Theatre
Sunday, September 27 | 1 pm | Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts - Blair Hall

At this year's youth conference, we will discuss the evolving intersection of technology and performance, and what it could mean for Canadian theatre in the upcoming years.  In what ways do we (un)consciously create our identity through digital media, and what kind of impact does that have on the stories we tell, and how we tell those stories? 

Join us as we collectively brainstorm the many possibilities today's world can positively shape the future of performance, how to embrace change, and take advantage of the resources we now have at our disposal.

Emerging Artist

Let’s Talk About, Ontario School of Devised and Physical Theatre, Toronto
Sunday, September 27 | 11 am | Conrad Centre for Performing Arts - Blair Hall

What does sex mean to you? Our story explores the intimate relationships of young couples, and their journey through their transformative teen years. Let’s Talk About is a fusion of dialogue, movement, and dance theatre, using the body as a primary means for understanding ourselves, and our connection to those around us.

Tomson Highway, Patricia Cano & Marcus Ali

presented in partnership with University of Waterloo History and Silver Birch Projects
Thursday, September 24 | 9 pm | The Registry Theatre

“My music betrays elements of classical, jazz, popular music, ragtime, honky-tonk, stride, Latin, BUT, with lyrics in Cree, as I myself am a full-blooded Cree from Manitoba.” - Tomson Highway

Join us for an evening cabaret and special performance by Tomson Highway, who will be joined, at the end, by Peruvian-Canadian vocalist Patricia Cano and jazz saxophonist Marcus Ali. An evening you won’t want to miss!

Neruda Arts presents Picadillo

Saturday, September 26 | 9 pm | The Boathouse

Enjoy food, drink, and live music by Picadillo, a Spanish band with musicians from Cuba, Spain and the US.Their sound is a combination of New Orleans’ delta blues, ragtime jazz, Cuban Guaracha, Guaguanco and Son music.

Indulge in the sounds of lead singer, Sol Ruiz, as she echos her inspirations – Billie Holiday, Dr John, Edith Piaf and Benny More.