AMAL: How Did We Get Here?


In 2013, MT Space began creation on a new piece that brought together a team of culturally diverse and Indigenous artists to explore global events that shaped and are shaping our current world, including the Arab Spring, Occupy, and Idle No More movements.



Now, five years later, the spring has turned into a harsh winter. As people flee their homes creating one of the most severe refugee crises in history, and the land now called Canada becomes home to a displaced Syrian population, resurgent Indigenous communities across Turtle Island are fighting for control of their lives and lands.


Through the story of a Syrian family being separated, we reflect on interconnected histories of displacement, colonization, and the imposition of artificial borders, raising the questions: what does it mean to occupy, to resist, to survive?


Show Credits

Directed by Majdi Bou-Matar

Text Development by Gary Kirkham

Dramaturgy by Ric Knowles

Scenography by Andy Moro

Costume Design by Allie Marshall

Original score composed and performed by Nick Storring featuring Michael Keith on baritone ukulele and acoustic guitar and Pedram Khavarzamini on tombak.

"Sacred Fire" composed, written, and performed by Nigel Irwin

"Laktub Warag", traditional Syrian folk song, by unknown composer

Stage Management by Cody Burns

Performed by Trevor Copp, Nicholas Cumming, Nigel Irwin, Jewels Krauss, Ahmad Meree, Nada Humsi, Gülce Oral, and Pam Patel

Created by Majdi Bou-Matar, Gary Kirkham, Ric Knowles, Trevor Copp, Nicholas Cumming, Nigel Irwin, Jewels Krauss, Ahmad Meree, Nada Humsi, Gülce Oral, and Pam Patel

We would also like to acknowledge the artists who helped to shape this piece through our workshops in 2013 and 2017: Tara Beagan, Ashley Bomberry, Heather Majaury, Zac Gungl, Badih AbouChakra, Tawia Ben M'Carthy, Monique Mojica, Brenda Pilatzke, Jennifer Jimenez, Alejando Valbuena, and Shelley Niro (Elder)


Amal premiered at RUTAS International Multi-Arts Festival on October 12th, 2018. And followed with an incredibly successful run at Centre in the Square from October 24-26, 2018. Thank you to everybody who came to support us!

To request a touring package with audience quotes, photos, videos, and technical information, please contact

Majdi Bou-Matar