Unstoppable Motion: Remembering the Farewells

Yesterday we spoke to Olga Barrios about her contemporary dance piece, Remembering the Farewells. MT Space will present this piece on Sunday, July 12 at the Kultrún World Music Festival.


Remembering the Farewells has had a long process of creation,” she said. “It started in New York in 2001-02 when I left Colombia, my country of origin, for first time.”

The piece was prompted after a severe injury in New York -- a city filled with the nonstop bustling movement of a metropolis.


“That almost stopped me dancing but I decided to continue moving.... so I started dancing in a rolling chair, with my hands, and so on... until I got up and continued dancing.”

Thirteen years post-injury, she has now performed this piece extensively and is excited to bring new life to it on Sunday.

"I am thrilled to bring one of my own pieces to Kitchener" she says. "I was part of MT Space in 2009-10 as part of the cast for Seasons of Immigration, so this is an exciting opportunity to share with colleagues and the audience that might see my work in other paths."

On Remembering the Farewells' evolution and most recent incarnation, Olga says that "it is charged with a more mature air and of course new experiences...it might be translated with more precision and control of energy."

"Movement is everything," she said. "Breathing, feeling, and actions. The piece has always been charged by the intentions and the meanings behind the actions, the gaze, the impulses."

Let yourself become carried away by the motion and story of Olga Barrios' compelling piece. Remembering the Farewells can be seen free of charge in Victoria Park at the Workshop Tent at 7 PM on Sunday, July 12, 2015 as a part of the Kultrún World Music Festival.

Facebook event invite is available here.

Photo credit: Juan C. Márquez.