When you remount a decade-old play about terrorism, what’s changed?

Still from a past performance of The Last 15 Seconds [photo credit: Tom Vogel]


MT Space’s Founding Artistic Director is Lebanese-Canadian theatre maker Majdi Bou-Matar. Majdi has directed many of our productions, including all-time hit The Last 15 Seconds, which we are remounting in Kitchener’s Registry Theatre this November 27th.

Amanda Lowry – Bookworm and Tea Enthusiast #PeopleofMTSpace


Behind every production there are administrators who are busy organizing logistics and drafting contracts. They are sometimes quiet, often bookish, and fill out lots of spreadsheets – not typically people associated with the drama of theatre. Nonetheless, they play an integral role in running a successful theatre company.

Spreading Canadian Culture – 5 MT Space Theatre Productions that Toured the World



The question of how to create international opportunities for emerging local artists has been on the Canadian government’s mind for a long time now – it’s why we have organizations like the CRTC and their CanCon policies.

Meet Our 2018 Summer Students!


Our 2018 summer students, Alan, Maneet, and Barry!


MT Space has a large footprint in Canada’s theatre community, but we’re a tiny organization! Our small size means that sometimes Pam and the rest of the team are working deep into the night, surviving off Majdi jokes and cups of coffee.

The Dark Origins of Accidental Fish - A Conversation with KW Playwright Paddy Gillard-Bentley


Bo Margaret Bardos (left) and Jenn Weatherall (right) in rehearsal for Accidental Fish, a new play by Paddy Gillard-Bentley premiering this August


The Raft


The Raft is an international co-production between MT Space and El Hamra Theatre of Tunisia. It was made possible through support from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Tunisian Ministry of Culture.

When There’s a Flood Coming and Your Boat is Made of Glitter...


The letter I got from The Region of Waterloo Arts Fund says that I have been awarded a grant to help with the “Creation of a Workshop Theatre Production for ages 9+.”


A Perfect Match - by Sloane Secord


The most important part of MT Space is the people. They are what make everything happen; they are what make you want to come to work every day; they are the heart and soul of the foundation.

Salt Baby: From Kitchener to Dawson City


MT Space is thrilled to present Salt Baby in Kitchener as part of their national tour. Director, Yvette Nolan, shares her thoughts on the journey:

"From Kitchener to Dawson City…