Nada Humsi

Nada Humsi

Nada Humsi was born in Damascus, Syria, and holds a B.A in English Literature from Damascus University. She came to Canada in 1999 and in 2008 she joined The Multicultural Theatre (the MT Space) in Kitchener.

Nada is considered a pioneer in avant-garde and experimental theatre in the Arab world. She wrote and performed the first Verbal-Mime monodrama in Syria, The Option (1988) directed by Riad Ismat, and she continues to perform world-wide. Recent acting credits include parts in: The Poster (Teesri Duniya Theatre) in Montreal, Italian Funeral & Other festive Occasions (Drayton entertainment), Women In War (a co-production between The MT Space in Kitchener and Babel Theatre in Beirut), Sultan Basha; a work in progress which Nada wrote and The Last 15 Seconds (The MT Space) Directed by Majdi Bou-Matar.

Nada has co-established theatre groups in Syria, Japan and Canada. She wrote theatre and constructed acting and Mime.

Nada is an Artistic Associate at MT Space.

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